Monday, 28 October 2013

Life improving

Well, when I say life is improving, it is doing so at a very slow pace. Thankfully, the husband is coming on in leaps and bounds. Apart from being a lot thinner than he was, you wouldn't know he had been so ill just to look at him. He has his sparkle back and I feel I have the man I married back again. Now all we need is for work to pick up. I suppose in a way it is, but very slowly. Although the film we are (were?) working on has hit funding problems again, we are talking to new people about various other projects. This is good, they seem very nice people and we like the projects they are discussing so this could go far. I certainly hope so.

The home knitting is very busy at the moment, I don't think the Alpaca farm can get enough knitters and so those of us existing ones have a lot of items to knit. This is good, I like having a lot of things to knit and it is useful when the weather knocks out the TV signal, which is happening rather a lot at the moment. I know digital is the future, but the old system didn't lose the downlink as often. I did remark the other night that I thought pianos would make a comeback, we managed approximately 3 minutes viewing of one program due to the rain storms blocking the signal. Thank heavens for broadband, but I do wish more shows were available on catch-up. I guess this is what is called progress.

With regard to knitting, I have made a start on my Dr Who Anniversary waistcoat too. I knit the Alpaca things during most of the evening and go onto my waistcoat for the last hour or two before going to bed (usually from about 12:30am to about 1:30 or 2am, did I mention I'm a night owl?). It is coming on quite well and I am now working on the Doctors heads. This part is the most time consuming so I hope it will speed up soon. I hope to have it ready for the Armadacon weekend, but I admit it will be close.

The storm over the weekend caused a lot of things to blow around the garden, but I think where the house is was a little sheltered as neither we, nor any of our neighbours had any damage as far as I can see. And this with the highest gust of wind of 99mph being recorded only a few miles away at the Needles. I think we were lucky this time, I remember the great storm of 87, which was very bad. Again all the trains stopped running, but then it was for several days. I was living in London then and my parents were away on holiday. I tried to get down to the island to check the house, but couldn't get further south than Guildford then. Thankfully, my Grandmother was alive then and she was able to find me my Mother's neighbour's phone number in the phone book (not much internet then!) and I phoned them to check on the house. Everything was fine then too. If you were caught up in the storm I hope you got through without problems.

Until next time.