Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A great weekend at Armadacon

Well, the Armadacon 25th anniversary weekend has come and gone. Personally, I had a great time. I didn't get to see all the panels I wanted to, but that often happens and I will catch up with the videos later on. It was good to get away for a weekend after all the events that have happened this year, especially good to be with friends who have helped both of us get through recent events too. I'm looking forward to next year's now, although I will probably see even less of it than usual. To see more on why check out the Planet VFX blog. All the guests were very entertaining and Mitch Benn gave a great performance of songs after the end of convention dinner. I'm not sure it was wise to laugh so much after such a big meal. It is hard to get back to normal life again now, especially as it is sorting out the paperwork for our accountant to do our tax returns. Not a task I look forward to, but it has to be done. I think I prefer roto work if I'm honest.

The tortoise is still awake, normally he has gone into hibernation by now. Mind you he was up late last year too, it got to the stage where I was wondering what you buy a tortoise for Christmas. It looks like that may be the case this year too. I'm hoping a cold snap will do the trick and he will decide sleeping until the Spring is a good idea.

Apart from that there isn't really anything to report. Life is slowly getting back to normal. The husband is hyperactive due to the pills he has to take and work is slowly beginning to come in. More work would be nice though, especially as the tax man phoned last week. I think it will be beans on toast for Christmas dinner this year unless things improve significantly.

Until next time.

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